How to make Nutella  filled Brioche bread this holiday season!

If you have a Nutella craving like me, make this soft, rich bread swirled with lots of Nutella! Lets learn how. I promise its easy!

Buttery,Soft Nutella Brioche Bread!

Step 1: ingredients

All you need is – All Purpose Flour  – Eggs – Butter – Milk – Yeast – Sugar – Salt and Nutella!

flour,butter & YEast

Eggs & Milk

Make into a dough Then knead it using the slap & fold method

let is rise

Roll the dough & Spread lots of nutella on it

Roll it into a log and slice it from the middle

Braid it

at 180 C or 365 F for 35-40 minutes

Bake it at 180 C /365 F

at 180 C or 365 F for 35-40 minutes

and ready!!!


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here is your heavenly nutella bread!