Mango Lassi - Indian Summer Drink

Super Easy Mango Lassi!

Mango Lassi-Incredibly refreshing, sweet & tangy Yogurt based drink.  Just so wonderfully tropical & unbelievably easy to whip up!


MangoesYogurtMilk or CreamSweetener Optionally Flavor(Pick one) - Cardamom or - Rose water or - Kesar Garnish(Pick one) - Slivered Almonds, -Pistachios -Rose petals

To make the best lassi, you need a Ripe, yellow , almost saffron Mango.

Choose your preferred topping or flavor

Or you can use Frozen Mangoes or Mango Puree

Start with Cutting the Mango

Add to the blender

Top it up with rest of the ingredients & Blend

Mango lassi is ready