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6 minute Pan-Seared Chicken Breast Recipe

Pan seared chicken breast with lemon and fresh dill cooked to perfection in 6 minutes
Course paleo and whole 30 approved
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 6 minutes
Total Time 16 minutes
Author Foodcow


  • 1 Chicken Breast
  • 1 tsp Olive oil
  • Lemon Juice-1 tsp
  • Lemon Segments-3
  • Garlic-4-5 cloves chopped
  • Fresh Dill-1 tbsp-chopped


  • Rub the marinade on the chicken breast.Let it rest for few minutes.
  • Place a Flat pan on high heat.When you see light smoke rising from the pan it's ready.
  • Add 1 tsp of oil.Wait for 4-5 seconds. Place the chicken breast on the pan. The heat of the pan is still high(not the highest though). Flip the chicken in exactly 1 minute.
  • Reduce the flame to medium. Cook the other side on medium flame for 1 minute.
  • Add 1-2 tsp of water(if the marinade is dry). Cook the chicken covered with the lid of the pan on for rest of the 4 minutes.Add the lemon segments in the 4th minute.
  • Remove as soon as you hit the 6 minute mark.Switch off the flame.Let the chicken rest covered for 1 minute.